My thoughts Cosmetic Sales Associates

I'm sure many of you have had some interesting experiences with department store cosmetic associates/clerks.  I just wanted to share a few and my thoughts about them with you.

I have befriended some very nice and well-information cosmetic associates; however, there are some who are downright rude, unprofessional and not very educated in the cosmetic line they are presenting.  Now, I will say that usually MAC is not included in this category because I know they train their associates and most of them are very knowledgeable and are Make Up Artists (MUA).

Well, onto my experience.  Just last week, I was at a Dior counter (I won't name which department store), and I wanted to try a sample of the new Dior DiorNude Air Foundation, and when I asked the Sales Associate if I could get a sample, she was very abrupt and started saying "No, we can't give samples of that foundation."  She didn't really explain why, until I said "Well, I shop here often and get samples all the time."  It wasn't until I said something, that she explained that because the formula is so thin, they only have a sample card to try.  After she said that, I understood what she meant and could understand why they don't want to give out sample (bottle), because it can get very messy if it spills out of the container.  I think some people just don't have good communication skills and they do not know how to respond to someone or answer them in a professional manner.  

My other recent experience was at another beauty store.  The Sales Associate asked me "What am I looking for?", and I replied:  "I'm just browsing, for now."  I was looking at the Too Faced display, when she walked over to me and starting raving about this new powder foundation with "coco", and proceeded to apply it to my face, without me asking!  I thought that was rude because I wasn't asking her to apply it to my face.  But me, being the nice person I am, I let her go on and tell me how great the product was.  First, I didn't care for the color, at all -- it was too dark and looked like dirt on my face.  The other thing that bothered me was I don't even know if she cleaned-off the compact before she started swiping it on my face -- which is HIGHLY unsanitary.  Gross!!  

Another thing I want to add is that her make-up was all WRONG, but I didn't say anything to her.  She had really rosy cheeks, which did not look flattering on her, at all.  But, being the nice and humble person I am, I did not say anything -- just smiled and continued to walk around the store.

I know many of these Cosmetic Sales Associates are just trying to be helpful and do their job, and some of them have over-the-top personalities, which is great; however, they should try asking the customer first about their specific needs and IF they want to try a new foundation.  Otherwise, they should just let them have fun and browse and they will ask them if they have any questions.  This is my approach, anyways.  I worked as a Cosmetic Sales Associate for several years and I was always respectful and helpful, but kept my distance if the customer just wanted to browse and have fun.  I don't believe in pressuring anyone into buying a product.  

Also, I think with the internet, a lot of make-up enthusiasts, like me are well-educated and do their research before headed to the department store, drug store or beauty store.  I have to not get offended if they assume I don't know anything about make-up or a particular brand, which in fact, I do.  There are a lot of talented people out there who know make-up, and are not necessarily a MUA.

Please do share about your experiences with cosmetic sales associates!


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