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John Frieda Precision Permanent Foam Colour

I've been hearing about this new "foam" permanent hair color for a few months and decided to pick one up at my local ULTA store.  I chose the shade "Sheer Blonde - Extra Light Beige Blonde" (10B).  I had a $3.00 off coupon, so that was even more added incentive to try it.  I was using another brand in the same shade of color, so I was hoping that I would get similar results.  I took a chance on it, and was pleasantly surprised.
The package contains instructions, gloves, color, developer, after color conditioner and a bottle with foam dispenser, so there is nothing additional you need to purchase.  The instructions were easy to follow.  If you follow the steps, you will get the same results as shown on the instructions.  
This foam hair color is so easy to use!  I just love it.  It is not messy or drippy at all and has a pleasant fragrance (no offensive odors).  You just shampoo and massage the foam until your hair is thoroughly saturated.  My hair is long (past m…