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NARS, Cover Girl & Senna Cosmetics; Eye Basics Combo

I used NARS concealer many years ago, and every once in a while I try something new; however, I always end up going back to NARS because this concealer has just the right consistency; it's not drying, it's semi-opaque and long-lasting.
I wear the shade "Custard", which is recommended for medium skin tones.  I love this shade because it has yellow under-tones.  I love the new packaging as well.  NARS used to make it in their lipstick tube packaging.  So, now it's easier to tell apart my lipstick from my concealer.
I am currently using Cover Girl's Lash Exact in "Black", and I love the brush; it gets every lash and the formula is not too dry or too wet; no clumps, either!  This is CG's lengthening and defining formula.  It really does "define" and "lengthen" your lashes.  I have very sparse lashes and this brush is excellent; one coat is perfect, but for more "amp", two coats looks fab.  I was using the CG Lash Blast l…

My Blush and Bronzer Combo; MAC & MUD

I am currently loving my blush & bronzer combo.  I have been using MUD (Make-Up Designory) Bronzer in "Sunshine".  This is a beautiful bronzing powder that gives a natural finish and does not have any orange tones whatsoever.  It has a bit of shimmer, and it reminds me a lot of NARS blush in "Laguna" (another shade that I love). 
I have been pairing my bronzer with MAC's Mineralize Blush in "Warmth of Coral" (which was a LE, I believe).  It is so difficult for me to find a blush color that goes well with my medium skin tone.  It is sheer, yet has very buildable coverage.  It's not too pink, nor too peach; perfect!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Shadow Creme & Pure Color E/S Duo

This was the very first eye shadow creme I have ever tried.  I have heard about them for a while now and after reading such great reviews about the EL DW Stay-In-Place Shadow Creme, I just had to try them!  
The first shade I purchased was the "Mochachino", which is a lovely neutral taupe color.  I also purchased the "Pink Pearl" at a later date, which is a beautiful light, soft pink, and I wear these two shades together and they are very complimentary!  I wear the "Pink Pearl" on the lid, and apply the "Mochachino" above my crease, as a contour.  
The best way I have found to apply these creme shadows is with your ring finger.  You have to work quickly, as the creme dries after a few seconds.  I tried using an eye shadow brush, but did not achieve great results; it would look splotchy and it would cake-up on my brush.  
This formula is fantastic!  I love how easy it applies and you can get a finished eye look in seconds!  These are my "go-to&…

MAC Lipstick, "Ramblin Rose" (Frost)

This is one of my faves; "Ramblin Rose"; it's such a pretty color.  It has a bit of peach and a bit of rose in it and it's a natural shade to wear every day.  Long-lasting and not drying, at all.  I love MAC's frost lippy's because they are not very frosty, imo.  It gives more of a luminous finish.  If I could have only ONE lipstick, this would be it.

China Glaze Nail Polish, "Delight"

I picked-up my first China Glaze nail polish at my local Sally Beauty Supply and boy, was I ever surprised!  I got the shade, "Black Diamond", and it is beautiful.  So, I recently purchased another beautiful shade, "Delight" at my local ULTA store.  
First of all, I am very impressed with this nail polish.  My hands are in water maybe fifty times a day and this nail polish lasted for almost one week before it started to chip!  Now, that is very impressive.  This nail polish is very good quality and it applies so easily--not too thick or too thin.  You get a nice and even coverage.
Let me get to the shade, "Delight", which is a beautiful bronze-y, plumm-y, copper-y shade; it's almost too hard to describe, and it's SO gorgeous!  It's a very unique color.  
So with that said, I will be purchasing more China Glaze nail polish in the future.

Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder, "Rich Vanilla"

I wrote an earlier blog about Laura Mercier's Mineral Powder (both loose & pressed) in the shade "Classic Beige".  This review will be on the shade, "Rich Vanilla".

This is the best mineral powder foundation I have ever tried.  This formula just seems to work so wonderfully with my skin.  I love using the pressed formula over the loose, because it's just so quick and easy to apply and I get the right amount of coverage.

A lot of woman have said that they don't like how the pressed formula applies and it can look "cakey".  Laura Mercier recommends using the pressed as a "touch-up" throughout the day, because you can apply too much of it.

I think the key to getting the perfect coverage is to use the right type of powder brush.  You don't want a brush that is "too dense", otherwise you will pick-up way too much powder.  The key is to use a softer brush (not so dense), and using very small amounts of powder.  I just &qu…

Zoya Nail Polish "Jem"

Zoya has some amazing nail lacquer colors.  This was the very first time I tried this brand and I was very impressed with their customer service, speedy shipping.  Also, they send you swatches with your order.  You can select any swatches you want when you place your order.  That is really nice to see what the color actually looks like, before you make a purchase.  
The color, "Jem" was from Zoya's Fall 2011 "Smoke & Mirrors" collection.  It's a beautiful, deep burgundy-plummy shade with shimmer.  It is really gorgeous.  
On the downside, I was disappointed with the wear, because the company claims "one week of chip-free wear", and mine started to chip after only a couple of days.  I even used the Zoya base and top coat, so I was not sure why it chipped so quickly.  Also, the formula seems very thick and it was difficult for me to get a nice coat, without having to remove excess polish from the brush each time I had to apply to each nail.  If th…

Dior - Rouge Dior, "Dolce Vita Pink", #555

Dior has always been a favorite of mine, when it comes to lipsticks.  This formula is highly-pigmented, yet feels very "light" on your lips.  I don't like the feel of heavy lipsticks, at all.  I found this lipstick to be very moisturizing and long-wearing as well.  This shade, "Dolce Vita Pink" is a beautiful shade; however, I found it to be a tad too bright and "orange-y" for my skin tone.  I think this shade would be better suited for someone with a darker complexion.  Unfortunately, I had to take this one back, however; I love the formula and I will be trying other shades!

Senna Cosmetics Lip Lacquer, "Gorgeous" & "Meltdown"

I am a huge fan of Senna Cosmetics and her lip lacquers!  The founder, Eugenia Weston is an award-winning make-up artist, and her lip glosses are very popular with many famous celebrities in Hollywood. 

These lip lacquers are very moisturizing and long-wearing, which is very hard to find in a lip gloss.  They stay on your lips without feeling sticky or tacky, and it won't "slide" off your lips!  I absolutely love her glosses; my lips feel moisturized all day long! 
The color "Gorgeous" is just that; a very beautiful, "gorgeous" soft warm rose with a slight shimmer (not glittery).  When the light hits your lips, they glow!  
The color "Meltdown" is a peachy-pink with a pearl glow (not shimmer)'s SO beautiful; I just Iove to wear shades like this, especially in the summer time!
These glosses are also vitamin-enriched and have a very delicious scent that reminds me
of vanilla and cotton candy!

MAC Lipstick, "Midimauve" (lustre)

MAC cosmetics manufactures some of the best lipsticks, as any lippy girl knows.  They are highly-pigmented and long-wearing.  I also say affordable as well, when compared to other department store brands.  This was the first time I tried the "lustre" formula, and I really like it.  It feels very moisturizing, and lasts a good three to four hours (without eating or drinking).  The color "Midimauve" is a very natural, soft, muted-mauve shade, which is great for every day wear.  I also noticed that the more you layer the color, the more pigmented it gets; really nice! 

Clarins Joli Rouge, #710 Apricot Sugar

This is a beautiful formula that is very moisturizing, yet long-wearing.  The shade "Apricot Sugar" was from the Fall 2011 collection, I believe.  I had a difficult time finding this shade in my local department stores, but was happy to find it at Clarins on-line.  This is a beautiful shade; a perfect nude color that is very wearable.  I love the warm, peachy-coppery-apricot shades.  I highly recommend ordering through the Clarins website; they ship very quickly and you also get to chose three deluxe samples with your order!

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre Lipstick, #107 Rose Boreale

I just picked-up the new YSL Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre at my local Nordy's, and I am absolutely loving this lipstick!  I own more lipsticks than any other make-up, and this one is in my top ten!  I chose "Rose Boreale", #107 which is a beautiful mid-toned, warm rose. 

This is a very wearable shade that I can wear every day.  It goes on so beautifully, and it gives your lips a nice "glow"; not at all frosty or shimmery.  This formula gives a beautiful "luminous" finish. 

The packaging is so beautiful and chic; although the shiny gold plating does show finger prints and smudges very easily--no biggie for me.  I really love this formula; It's very moisturizing too.  I'm not sure if YSL is planning on keeping this formula in their permanent line, but I will be going back for more colors!