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L'Oreal Sublime Mousse Haircolor #90 Pure Light Blonde

Every post that I have made thus far on my blog have been about products that I happen to like and enjoy using.  With that being said, this will be my first negative post on my blog.
I previously tried another brand of Mousse/Foam hair color, John Frieda (see earlier review), and I was pleased with the results, but not thrilled.  So, this time I thought I would try another newcomer in mousse hair color; L'Oreal Sublime Mousse.
PRO'S:  I really like the ease of these new mousse/foam hair colors.  They are easy to apply; you just shampoo it in and leave it in for the specified time, and rinse and condition, that's it!  I like how the L'Oreal Sublime Mousse left my hair shiny with lots of highlights and lowlights.  

Some people have complained that it has a strong ammonia odor, and I did not detect any strong odor at all.  Actually, it had a nice, light and pleasant scent. 

Also, some reviewers said that it "stained" their hairline and scalp.  I did not have any is…

L'Oreal H.I.P. Shine Struck Liquid Lipcolor "Euphoric 660"

I really like these lip glosses; they are very moisturizing and although some shades seem more sheer than others, they still give off good color.  I think the creams are more opaque than the frosts are.  I also like that the frosted shades are not "metallic"; they give more of a "pearly" finish.  
Some people are put-off by the caramel-vanilla-cotton candy scent, but it does not bother me.  It reminds me of candied caramel apples at an amusement park; Yummy! LOL
The applicator is very nice also; L'Oreal and Lancome has done a very good job in that department.
The color I chose, "Euphoric" is a light pink frost and although it looks a bit intense in the tube, it looks more of a soft baby pink on your lips; very pretty!  Looks awesome with a pink lip liner!  Very pretty for the summer time:-)
I hope L'Oreal has plans to extend their H.I.P. cosmetic line; I think it's quite good.

L'Oreal Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick

This is a nice lipstick; it goes on smooth and creamy;  has a light feel to it, and sort of matte, but not "too" matte.
It was so hard to choose a shade.  At first, I was going to get a berry shade, but walked back over to the display and switched my selection to "Perpetual Peach", and I love it!!  I have been trying to find a good "peach" color, with warm under tones, and this one is it!  It's not a bright coral shade, it's just the right shade of soft nude-peach.
You may want to use a lip balm before applying this lip color, because as with any long-wearing lipstick, it may tend to make your lips feel dry.

Chanel Glossimer

A few of my current faves are "Brilliance", "Glow", "Sarong", "Nougat", and "Scintillance Twinkle #11".
Color description is as follows:
Brilliance (light pearly-pink/lavender) Glow (light peachy-bronze pearl) Sarong (pinky-brown pearl) Nougat (warm beige-pink pearl) Scintillance Twinkle (pink-opal pearl)
I love all of these shades.  I love the texture of these lip glosses; they are gel-based and although sheer, they have good pigmentation and last quite long, for a gloss.  They are beautiful to wear alone, with a lip liner, or over a complimentary lipstick.  You can never go wrong with Chanel Glossimer.
It's quite a large tube and they do last a long time.  Chanel Glossimer's are, in my opinion, the best lip glosses out there and are well-worth the price.  Also, they are fragrance-free; another thing I love about Chanel.

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick

I am a bit late in trying the Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick, but I have to say it was well worth the wait!  The shade I purchased is "Perle"; a very lovely light, natural pink with champagne shimmer; it's gorgeous!  
I've always been a huge fan of Chanel's lippies and glossimers, and this formula has not let me down either.  The application is very smooth and creamy and feels good on the lips.  I love the scent of Chanel's lippies; it's very sophisticated and grown-up-like; nothing sweet or candy-like....just a nice, light scent that is not offensive.
I love the case too; very sophisticated and has a nice "click" sound when you close it.  Very chic, oh so very Chanel!!

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipstick

One of my fave lippies, EVER is Guerlain's Kiss Kiss Lipsticks!  Two that I currently own are "Rose Strass" and "Forever Beige".  They are both beautiful colors.  Rose Strass is a gorgeous medium-tone mauve/rose with shimmer.  Forever Beige is a beautiful, warm-beige-nude color, with shimmery golden undertones.  
Guerlain's Kiss Kiss formulas are fabulous!  They apply like velvet, feel good on your lips; have good staying power and smell delicious!  I would describe the scent as cotton candy and Pez (for those of you who are old enough to remember Pez candy).  It's a beautiful aroma, like their meteorites powder.  If you are familiar with Guerlain, then you recognize their famous "violet" scent.  If you can recall, Guerlain once made the fragrance, which I still have in my possession.  That's another blog, lol.

The gold lipstick case is a work of art, and I feel so special every time I apply this lipstick.  Guerlain is a french luxury brand…

Lancome Color Design Lipstick

Lancome's Color Design Lipsticks (Sensational Effects Lipcolor) comes in five different formula's; cream, sheen, metallic, shimmer and matte.  The formula and color I own is the sheen in "Vintage Rose".
The texture is sheer finish, and very moisturizing; feels like a lip balm.  Really nice for the summer months.  Even after a couple of hours, my lips still felt protected and moisturized and had a hint of color.
The shade I chose, "Vintage Rose" is a very soft, medium-mauve tone and is great for every day wear.
The lipstick case is very pretty and elegant looking.  Also, I love that this lipstick is fragrance-free too!
Overall, I am enjoying the Lancome Color Design Lipstick, and I think I will try their other formula's as well.

Boots No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick

I love this lipstick made by Boots No7.  It's a long-wearing lipstick that comes in a array of beautiful colors.  I always noticed this brand at my local Target store, but did not know very much about this brand from the U.K.  After reading reviews on-line, I just had to try it.
The shades I purchased are "Under the Sun" and "Chinchilla".  I love them both.  The shade, "Under the Sun" is a rich, bronze - almost terracotta, with golden undertones.  It's a beautiful shade to wear in the summer.  The shade, "Chinchilla" is a beautiful, warm-nude that is an easy-to-wear every day color!  
I was pleasantly surprised when I first applied this lip color.  It is super-pigmented and you only have to apply a "thin" layer to get good coverage.  This lipstick can be a tad drying, so you may want to apply a lip balm before application.  Even with applying a lip balm beforehand, the color still lasts for hours!  After 6 hours, my lips still lo…