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Friday, October 10, 2014

Sea Breeze Facial Wash

I picked up this Sea Breeze Facial Wash at my local Dollar Tree store.  This is a very nice, gentle cleanser with a subtle scent.  I was pleasantly surprised with how well it cleaned my face, and was not drying at all.

I always read labels on everything, so when I saw "FT Shiseido Company Limited", I was like: "Is this the Shiseido cosmetic company?, and the answer is "YES".  Shiseido purchased the Sea Breeze brand.  Very interesting, indeed! 

Le Metier De Beaute -- Colour Core Lipstick "Marrakech"

I've been loving this lipstick by Le Metier De Beaute in "Marrakech" -- It is a lovely peachy-pink-nude.  It's a great shade to wear with a more dramatic eye.

The formula is high-pigmented, yet moisturizing and long-wearing.  I have my eye on another shade called "Ibiza".  Some of the shades are hard to get and may be discontinued.

Le Metier De Beaute is available at Neiman Marcus and online. 

Nex Gen Nails #40

I sincerely apologize for not posting any reviews on my blog lately.  Life has been a roller coaster for me lately that I have not had the time to focus my energies on my blog.

I started getting Nex Gen Nails about a couple of months ago, and so far, I am enjoying them.  Previously, I was getting UV Liquid Gel, which I was very happy with however; Nex Gen lasts a lot longer and so far, I have not had any chips or problems.

The only thing I would recommend is make sure you have a good nail tech who does them, because a couple of times, the finish was kinda "lumpy" in areas and "small bubbles" appeared.  If done properly, your nails will look natural and beautiful for several weeks.  I have been getting mine done about once a month.

This shade (pictured) is #40, which is a lovely pale pink color.  It's a very wearable, natural shade.  You will see from the pics below how it looks in different lighting.

Nex Gen Nails #40 -- in natural lighting

Nex Gen Nails #40 -- in overhead lighting