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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lancome La Laque Fever "Seductively"

Lancome La Laque Fever "Seductively"--These are long-wearing lip glosses that I absolutely love.  This is no ordinary lip gloss.  When you apply this gloss, you must let it "set" and DO NOT rub your lips together.  I love the high-shine finish of this gloss.  These are very similar to the L'Oreal Infalliable 8-hour glosses; however, the Lancome version seems to have a better formula, imho.  NOTE:  The La Laque Fevers now come in a CLEAR tube :)
Lancome La Laque Fever "Seductively" (on bare lips; no liner)--isn't that shine gorgeous?!  Shine stays all day long (until you take it off), and does not glide off your lips!  Lovey-lovey ;)
Lancome La Laque Fever "Seductively"--This is a gorgeous plum color with multi-dimensional shimmer!  I love the wide oval-shaped applicator.  On the down side, I find that I must keep dipping the wand back into the tube to get more product.  It almost seems like their is not much product in the tube and the tube is not "clear", so it's hard to tell how much is in there!  I have noticed that Lancome has changed the packaging for the La Laque Fever's and now come in a CLEAR tube!  Yay!

Swatch:  Lancome La Laque Fever "Seductively"....your lips will be glossy all night long!  You can apply more gloss for more intensity and shimmer.  I find that this gloss will not get "goopy", even when you apply more.

Swatch:  Lancome La Laque Fever "Seductively"--I swatched this on a white napkin to show the true color--very pretty, indeed!

Estee Lauder Pure Color Lip Gloss "Wired Copper" (shimmer)

Estee Lauder Pure Color Lip Gloss: "Wired Copper" (shimmer).  I absolutely love these glosses from EL.  One of my favorite shades is "Wired Copper".  It is a medium-bronze with shimmer.  I have to say EL Pure Color glosses are in my "Top 5" favorites, along with Chanel Glossimer, MAC Tinted Lipglass and Senna Cosmetics Lip Lacquers.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Lip Gloss:  "Wired Copper" (shimmer)

Estee Lauder Pure Color Lip Gloss:  "Wired Copper" (shimmer)

Estee Lauder Pure Color Lip Gloss:  "Wired Copper" (shimmer)

Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss "Rosegold" 026

Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss "Rosegold"--This lip gloss is really quite nice.  It has good pigmentation, and moisturization.  The packaging reminds me a lot of Chanel's Glossimers.  Looks pricey, for a drugstore brand. 

Swatch:  Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss "Rosegold".  This shade is a neutral rose w/gold shimmer--almost looks more like a caramel or bronze-peachy shade. 

Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss "Rosegold".  Very nice applicator.  It is flat on each side and designed like a "wedge" (see pic below).

Revlon Colorbrust Lip Gloss "Rosegold".  Wedge applicator that is flat on both sides.  Allows for a smooth and even application.  I like this!  Looks like the same applicator wand for the Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss

Chanel Glossimer "Brilliance" & "Twinkle"

These are two of my favorite Chanel Glossimers!  "Brilliance" is a gorgeous white-pink with silver frost (very pale lilac).  It is such an amazing color!  I love wearing this shade in the summertime.  Looooove!

The other Glossimer I love is "Twinkle", which is a pink with gold and opal shimmer to it.  This is SO pretty!  I kid you not.  This shade will really make your lips "pop".  Looks great on its own, or lip liner or over a gorgeous rosy-pink lipstick.  This is my "all-time" fave Glossimer!  It looks amazing on a tan complexion.  Twinkle just screams SEXY!

L to R:  Chanel Glossimer "Brilliance" & Twinkle

Top to Bottom:  Chanel Glossimer "Brilliance" & "Twinkle"

Chanel Glossimer "Brilliance"

Chanel Glossimer "Twinkle"

Monday, June 25, 2012

Mineral Fusion Lip Pencil "Burnish"

Mineral Fusion manufactures a complete line of mineral cosmetics and skin care products.  I have not tried any of their makeup, although when I went to check it out at my local Whole Foods, I was quite impressed with this line.   
Mineral Fusion Lip Pencil "Burnish"--worn with Estee Lauder Pure Color Lip Gloss "Wired Copper"

Mineral Fusion Lip Pencil "Burnish"

Mineral Fusion Lip Pencil "Burnish"

Glo Minerals is their sister company; however, I think the products are very different from the Mineral Fusion line, because the Mineral Fusion line has a higher amount of natural and botanical ingredients, thus why it is sold at Whole Foods.  I'm not certain if Mineral Fusion is sold in every Whole Foods store, so you might want to check online first. 

I was in the market for a new lip liner pencil and I found "Burnished" which looked like it would be a good shade for the summer months because it's a nice deep-bronzy color that has a bit of shimmer.  I really like this lip liner; it applies very smoothly and is long-lasting.  I must say, I was quite surprised that a mineral-based lip liner would be this good.  

Saturday, June 23, 2012

FOTD: Chanel, Bobbi Brown, MAC & Sephora

Products I am wearing:

NARS concealer "Custard"
Laura Mercier Mineral Powder (compact) "Classic Beige"
Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzer "Bali Bronze"
MAC Mineralize Blush "Warmth of Coral"
MAC Translucent Finishing Powder (compact)

Senna Cosmetics Sketch-A-Brow in "Mink"
Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow "Velvet Plum"
Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion "Black"

Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow "Velvet Plum"--I love how sheer these cream shadow's apply.  Can you see that pretty sparkle?  Me loves.

Embarrassing?  Yes.  But, these ARE my sad and pathetic eyebrows.  LEFT:  Senna Sketch-A-Brow "Mink"  RIGHT:  my sad eyebrow :(
Sephora Nano Lip Liner "Pure Pinky"
Chanel Glossimer "Twinkle" (my fave Chanel lip gloss!!)

Sephora Nano Lip Liner "Pure Pinky" & Chanel Glossimer "Twinkle" (my fave glossimer)
After experimenting with Bobbi Brown's Cream Shadows, I have found that I prefer to apply these with my finger as opposed to a brush because I feel I can get a better application and finished look.  Bobbi Brown is all about keeping it "simple", and I love that!--And, did I say that Chanel's Glossimer in "Twinkle" is my ABSOLUTE FAVE GLOSSIMER!! 

FOTD: Laura Mercier, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Senna Cosmetics,NARS, Cover Girl, NYX, Lancome

Lancome La Lacque Fever "Seductively".  This is a beautiful plummy-mauve shade.  I love the La Lacque Fever lip glosses; they really stay on!  If you have never worn a gloss like this before, it may take some getting used to.  The trick to these glosses is that when you apply it, DO NOT PRESS YOUR LIPS TOGETHER, just let it "set" and your lips will be glossy all day long! 

Products I am wearing here:

NARS concealer "Custard"
Laura Mercier Mineral Powder (pressed) "Classic Beige"
Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzer "Bali Bronze"
MAC Mineralize Blush "Warmth of Coral"
MAC Prep + Prime Translucent Finishing Powder (compact)
Senna Cosmetics "Sketch-A-Brow" in "Mink"
NYX Eyeshadow "Silk"
Laura Mercier Eyeshadow "Topaz"
NYX Eyeliner Pencil "Black Brown"
Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion "Black"

Lancome La Lacque Fever "Seductively"

Zoya Nail Lacquer "Shay"

Zoya Nail Lacquer "Shay"--This is a beautiful pale beige color which has a bit of frost in it.  It is such a gorgeous neutral color to wear.  Zoya is a professional nail lacquer manufacturer.  I ordered this shade online and they have a wonderful website and tons, I mean TONS of colors to choose from!  They ship very fast and also send you complimentary swatches of some of their colors (you can select specifically which shade you want also, and they will send it to you...FREE).

Zoya Nail Lacquer "Shay" (close-up w/flash).  Such a pretty color!

Zoya Nail Lacquer "Shay" (no flash/overhead lighting)

Zoya Nail Lacquer "Shay" -- LEFT:  My Nail with "Shay", and RIGHT:  Zoya swatch of same color.  You can see that both the color in the bottle and the swatch is the exact color you get on your nails!  Great marketing, Zoya!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick: "Peach Me"

Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in "Peach Me" is one of my favorite summertime lippies!  

This is a "creme" formula.  However, I have noticed that Revlon's creme formula does have a hint of "shimmer"--I would not classify this formula as frosty at all.  The creme formula is more of a "glow".   

Peach Me is a lovely, warm, medium-peachy shade.  I would not call this a peachy-nude as it is deeper and more pigmented.  'Tis lovely ;)

Swatch:  Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in "Peach Me" (no flash)--you can see this is a deeper-toned peach.

More Rosy Lippies: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick: "Smoky Rose" & "Prim-Rose"

I dug-up my other rosy Revlon lippies and I was going to include it in my previous post:  "War of the Roses", but that post was starting to get WAY too long, so I decided to just post these separately!

The first shade is "Smoky Rose", which I absolutely adore!  It's a medium-warm-rose with pearl--one of my faves!

The second shade is "Prim-Rose", which I don't love so much and hardly ever wear this one.  It really does not do much for me.  I think I purchased this one because it was featured in "Allure" magazine, last year as one of their picks.  

"Prim-Rose" is a pretty nude-pale-rose "creme"...you can wear it with a nice rosy lip liner and top it with some sparkly gloss to give it some dimension, but this one is not one of my faves.  I do think it would look lovely for those with a cooler/pale complexion.

L to R:  Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick "Smoky Rose" & "Prim-Rose" (no flash)

L to R:  Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick "Smoky Rose" & "Prim-Rose" (with flash)

L to R:  Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick "Smoky Rose" (so gorge!) & "Prim-Rose" (close-up/with flash)

Swatch--Top to Bottom:  Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick "Smoky Rose" & "Prim-Rose"

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick: "Rosedew", "Blushed", "Satin Plum" & "Demure"

Here is my new collection of Revlon lippies that I picked-up at Ulta.  They were having a bogo sale, so it was the perfect time to experiment with Revlon.  It's been some time since I purchased any Revlon products at all.  Their lipsticks won't break the bank, so you don't feel as guilty when selecting a few to try.  I purchased four lipsticks for under $20.00!!  You can't do that with MAC, YSL or Chanel, lol;)  

Like I said, it's been awhile and I had forgotten how creamy and moisturizing this lippies are!  I would not say they are the most pigmented lipsticks, like say, MAC lippies are.  However, they are pretty darn good and come in so many colors!

Keep in mind that I am not a professional photographer and I don't have the best camera in the world, but I tried to capture the true colors the best I could :P

Lipsticks are just one of those things that is really hard to capture in pictures because the color can look so different depending on the lighting and angle.  

And, here they are:

L to R:  Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick: "Rosedew"; "Blushed"; "Satin Plum" & "Demure" (no flash)--All are pearl formulas, except for "Demure", which is a creme

L to R:  Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick: "Rosedew"; "Blushed"; "Satin Plum" & "Demure" (with flash)

Revlon "Rosedew" (natural light/no flash)...I really like this color!

Revlon "Blushed" (natural light/no flash)...I really like this color also; it is such a great everyday lippie, and it matches my natural lip color almost perfectly! :)

Revlon "Satin Plum" (natural light/no flash)...I have been looking high and low for a good dupe for NARS "Tutti Frutti", and this one comes pretty darn close....me likes ;)

Revlon "Satin Plum" (overhead lighting/no flash)

Revlon "Demure" (overhead lighting/no flash)--sorry, it's a bit blurred...I think "Demure" and "Rosedew" look so much alike when you see them side-by-side.  However, "Rosedew" is more of a peachy-pink and "Demure" is more of a peachy-nude, I would say.  Also, "Demure" is a creme formula; it has some frost but its more subdued.