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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick "Tiramisu 41" (Crystal Shimmer)

Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick "Tiramisu 41" (Crystal Shimmer) -- If  you have been following my blog, then you will know that I absolutely love Estee Lauder's Pure Color Lipsticks.  I have never tried the "Crystal Shimmer" lipstick, until now.

The crystal lipstick formula comes in both cream and shimmer.  The shade I chose is "Tiramisu", which is the shimmer formula.  This is a lovely neutral rose color.  I give props to Estee Lauder for the lipstick case because the color you see outside is a perfect match for what the lipstick color actually looks like!

While I adore this color, the formula is just too sheer for me.  I own several of EL Pure Color Glosses, which is what I reach for when I want something sheer and glossy.  I wish EL made "Tiramisu" in the originial Pure Color formula, because it is a really beautiful color!

This one was another "miss" for me.  (sigh)

Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick "Tiramisu 41" (Crystal Shimmer) 
Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick "Tiramisu 41" (Crystal Shimmer) WITH FLASH

NARS Satin Lip Pencil "Isola Bella"

NARS Satin Lip Pencil "Isola Bella" -- Women rave about NARS Matte Lip Pencil, which I have not tried, but his new satin lip pencils really caught my eye, especially the shade "Isola Bella", which are named after two islands off Italy's coast.  The shade is a warm peachy-nude and is one of NARS more popular shades.

While I think the shade and the formula is nice, I also do think the $25 price tag is a bit steep for a lip pencil.  There are so many lip pencils out there to choose from.  I have noticed that Sonia Kashuk makes a similar lip pencil and the packaging looks almost identical to the NARS and they are both made in Italy.  Sonia Kashuk is available at Target at a fraction of the price.

Sorry, NARS but I think $25 for 2 grams of product is a bit much.

I will stick with NARS sheer lipsticks, which I love!

NARS Satin Lip Pencil "Isola Bella"

NARS Satin Lip Pencil "Isola Bella"

Hourglass Cosmetics: Femme Rouge "Whisper"; Femme Nude "Nude No 5"; Ambient Lighting Powder "Dim Light"

Hourglass Cosmetics: Femme Rouge "Whisper"; Femme Nude "Nude No 5"; Ambient Lighting Powder "Dim Light" -- I am new to Hourglass Cosmetics and recently picked up these beauties at Sephora.  I have heard a lot of good things about Hourglass Cosmetics, so I was eager to see what all the hoopla was about!  Now, I did not purchase these items all at once, of course.  My budget does not allow that, LOL.

I will start with the Femme Rouge Velvet Creme Lipstick "Whisper", which I thought would be a good neutral color to try to introduce myself to this cosmetic brand.  I must say, the packaging is exquisite.  The lipstick case is made of high-quality metal, with the "Hourglass" logo on both the case and the lipstick bullet, which is so pretty!

While the color, "Whisper" is a very nice neutral, I was not a huge fan of this formula.  While the formula states that it is a "velvet creme", it's more of a sheer lipstick, in my opinion.  Now, maybe different shades have a different feel and consistency, I'm not sure.  I also did not care for the scent and it has a weird taste that I just can't get used to.  I wish I had kept my receipt (which I usually do), because I would have brought it back and exchanged it for something else, but oh well.

On a positive note, I DO LOVE the Femme Nude, which I have reviewed below.
Hourglass Cosmetics: Femme Rouge "Whisper" Velvet Creme Lipstick
Hourglass Cosmetics: Ambient Lighting Powder "Dim Light"  -- I have heard all the rave about these Ambient Powder and had my eye on the "Dim Light", which is supposed to give your skin an all-over balance and blur any imperfections.  The "Dim Light" has the least amount of shimmer.  I also have my eye on "Radiant Light".  I really love this powder and think it was well-worth the $45 USD price tag!

I love the packaging -- the metal compact is just beautiful and I love how easy it is to open.  Those designers really thought of our manicures when they made this one!  For the powder itself; the powder is GORGEOUS and finely-milled.  There is no fragrance, which I love and it's made in Italy.

I love this powder and I'm very happy I finally got one!  I use this powder over my foundation.  This powder does not really control oil, so I have to apply often.  I did not notice any cakeyness with this powder, and it gives a very natural finish.  I did not purchase the Hourglass brush that was made for use with this powder because I have so many brushes as it is, and did not want to spend the extra money.  I would rather buy a new lipstick instead, LOL.

I am a bit late in reviewing this Ambient Powder, so in case you don't already know, there are six different shades available:

ETHEREAL LIGHT is an opalescent sheer, cool white powder that mimics a moonlit glow – even in broad daylight

DIFFUSED LIGHT is a soft, warm, pale yellow powder that conceals redness and gives skin clarity – like a soft ray of morning light

DIM LIGHT is a neutral peach beige powder that blurs imperfections and highlights a radiant complexion with the perfect balance of warm

MOOD LIGHT is a soft, sheer lavender pink powder that mimics the softest most forgiving light and reveals your brightest complexion

LUMINOUS LIGHT is a champagne pearl powder that creates a soft, incandescent candlelit glow – day or night 

RADIANT LIGHT is a sun-kissed golden beige powder that enhances the overall complexion with believable, subtle warmth, and also extends a summer glow 

Hourglass Cosmetics:  Me, wearing Femme Nude "Nude No 5" -- I really love this shade and the formula!  I love everything about this lipstick; the packaging, the color and the formula!  I wish they would come out with more colors, because I would purchase them!  Nude No 5 is a gorgeous peachy-nude with a soft shimmer.  The formula is a matte finish, but not drying and the color lasts for hours.  I love how this feels on my lips!  NOTE:  This is a "twist-up" lipstick (you do not sharpen).  -- Love that!!

Hourglass Cosmetics:  Femme Nude "Nude No 5"

Hourglass Cosmetics:  Femme Nude "Nude No 5"

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer "Custard" (Medium 1)

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer "Custard" (medium 1) --  I have been using NARS Concealer (original stick) for years now and wanted to try his new radiant creamy concealer.  I wear the shade "Custard" (Medium 1), as shown here.

I usually tend to stay away from creamy concealers because I find a lot of them to be difficult to blend, but not this one!  When I first tried it, I used 2-3 dots under my eyes and blended, but I found that you only need a teeny-tiny amount under your eyes; maybe 1 or 2 dots for beautiful coverage.

This product does every thing that it claims to do.  It hides dark circles, gives a medium-to-full coverage and a luminous finish.

I really love this and so glad I picked it up.  

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer "Custard" (Medium 1)
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer "Custard" (Medium 1) -- Blended....look how beautiful that finish is! 

Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss "Crystal Baby 69" (Shimmer)

Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss "Crystal Baby 69" (Shimmer) -- When I heard that Estee Lauder was coming out with  a Limited Edition gloss, I had to run to my EL counter to get one!  Luckily, my Nordy counter (those girls know me well, lol) still had a couple left.

I have noticed that these LE glosses were not highly advertised and my Nordy counter did not even have a display out. so a consumer walking by would not even know it exists, without hearing about it first.  These LE glosses may be gone from your EL counter by the time you read this.  Everything happens so fast in cosmetic industry that it is impossible to keep up!  LOL

With that out of the way, okay -- whew......well, I am loving this gloss.  EL Pure Color Glosses are one of my faves (next to Chanel Glossimers and Lancome Color Fever Gloss -- which are being discontinued (me so sad).

Crystal Baby is a gorgeous warm, opalescent pink that I will be wearing all Summer long!

Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss "Crystal Baby 69" (Shimmer) -- Shown here with EL Double Wear Stay in Place Lip Pencil in "Tawny"

Lumene Sensitive Touch Daily Moisture Cream SPF15

Lumene Sensitive Touch Daily Moisture Cream SPF15 -- Lumene is a skincare brand from Finland.  I've always looked at them at CVS and wanted to try their products, but just never did.  I saw this face cream, which was discounted at Marshalls.  It's for sensitive skin, so I picked it up.

First of all, I love the packaging; it's very high-end and very well thought-out.

I have very sensitive skin and I am getting up there in my 40s, (another birthday coming soon) and my skin is starting to change.  I have oily/combination skin, with some dryness on my forehead and cheeks.  This cream is supposed to help reduce redness/tightness and calm the skin.

For a daily moisture cream, it feels quite rich.  I have read that from other bloggers as well.  I wish it was more lightweight.  I might prefer to use this during the winter months.  One blogger noted that it does not feel like it absorbs into the skin very well and feels heavy.  I concur.  I have not used this long enough to really tell if it is helping to calm my skin.  Maybe in the cooler months, I will go back to using this again.

Too Faced Cosmetics Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick "Melted Peony"

Too Faced Cosmetics Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick "Melted Peony" --  I was intrigued when I saw Too Faced came out with this liquid lipstick.  Melted Peony really caught my eye, not only because Peonies are my favorite flower, but the shade is a "straight-up" shade of Peony!!  It is a gorgeous color for summer -- a true pink!

I love the packaging; the tube is so nice and convenient and the unique sponge-tip applicator makes applying this lippy a breeze.  The formula is very silky-smooth and you really don't even need to use a lip liner pencil with this.  It wore for about 4-hours on my lips and it sort of dries down like a lip balm, if you will.  The other shade I have my eye on is the "Nude", which is a gorgeous true nude.  There is a slight scent to this lippy, but not offensive.  Made in Italy, so you know it has to be good!