Cover Girl Lash Blast Length Mascara

I am loving this mascara!  I am always on the quest for the perfect mascara and I think I have found it!  

I have short lashes and not many of them so I am always looking for a great lengthening mascara.  I read so many good things about Cover Girl's Lash Blast line, so I decided to try the lengthening formula.

I love how CG packaged this mascara; the mascara comes packaged with the wand "outside" of the tube (tube is hygienically sealed).  I like that CG did this so that you can actually "see" the design of the wand/brush.  I love this brush!  I guess you could call it more of a "comb" rather than a brush because it does not have "bristles".  This comb/wand coats every little hair and with a few strokes, I have lashes again!

I love this formula; it's not thick or clumpy at all and I even apply to my lower lashes and don't end up with "raccoon eyes" at the end of the day!  I apply 2-coats for every day wear however after 3-coats, my lashes stand out even more yet look very natural.  This formula is not too wet nor too dry; it's just right.  I also wear contacts and have not experienced any irritation with this mascara.

This mascara is definitely one of my faves and I am going to try the CG Lash Blast Fusion, which I read great reviews about!

Honestly, I have to say that I have tried many high-end brands of mascara and CG makes some of the best mascara's out there!


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