BECCA Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme & Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation in "Noisette"

I have been driving myself nuts lately, experimenting with different foundations.  My HG has been Laura Mercier's Mineral Powder (and always keep in my collection).

Many times, while in ULTA or Sephora, I would glance at the Becca counter, but never really tried her products.  I was interested in the Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme, so one day, decided to take a gamble on it.  I chose the shade "Noisette", which is a neutral-medium shade.  The other two shades for medium skintone is "Nude" (medium w/yellow) and "Olive", which is a deeper yellow tone -- too deep for my skin, but would be great if you have a tan.  I tried the "Nude", which is fine for me, but a bit too much on the yellow side.  I have found that "Noisette" is perfect for me because it has a balance of yellow and neutral tones.  I have to say, Becca has beautiful foundations and it's very easy to find a shade that works for you.

Now, onto the formula.  I really had my doubts about trying a "cream" formula, especially for my oily-combo skin.  This formula is very unique in that it is "water-based" and has a "higher pigment" concentration -- so it's great for oilier skins and for people who need a "high-coverage" foundation.  

The first time I applied this, I was like "Whoa....this stuff is freaking awesome!"  It covered all of my redness and discoloration immediately!  I was impressed!  Now, there are some people who are not a fan of this formula, because as it is "water-based", you have to apply it quickly and blend quickly! 

I would also recommend that you apply this over moisturized skin and make sure your skin is "smooth" (exfoliated), otherwise, flaky skin and dry patches will be more noticeable. 

I have found the best way to apply this foundation cream is with my Sonia Kashuk cream foundation brush.  All you need is ONE pump to cover your entire face!  Now, I've seen some Women use more than that -- but it's really not necessary.  It's best to apply one pump to the back of your hand, and either apply "dots" around your face and blend with either a beauty blender, or a synthetic foundation brush.  I just dip my brush into the foundation, a little bit at a time, then start dotting all over my face, and blend-blend-blend quickly.  It dries and sets very fast -- which I happen to love. 

It's so easy to apply and you literally have your foundation done in less than ONE minute! It's fabulous!

I have found this formula to be very long-wearing.  I can apply this and have it on all day, and it holds up very well.  I do see some shine coming through around 4-5 hours, but that is just normal with my skin type.  You can use a setting powder, if you wish, but it's not necessary.  I also purchased the Mineral Powder in the same shade, "Noisette", so I will even apply some of that powder over it.  I have found that using a primer, and I happen to love the Urban Decay B6 Vitamin Complexion Spray, which I will spray on before and after my foundation and it holds up really well.

Onto the Perfect Skin Mineral Powder.  I also have this in the shade "Noisette".  This is a really nice powder, but I would not call it a full-coverage foundation.  I would say it's medium coverage, and very lightweight.  It's great for those days when you don't want to wear a lot of make-up.

I can go on and on but this post will be too long, LOL.  I really love both of these foundations.  The packaging is beautiful also!  This complexion creme is one that I can say I would definitely purchase again!

Below is the Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme in the shade "Noisette".  Now, you can see how pigmented this is.  The picture below that is "blended" -- you can see how beautiful it looks on the skin!


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