Laura Mercier Mineral Powder

This is quite possibly the best mineral powder make-up on the market.  After numerous attempts to find the best mineral foundation, my search is finally over!

Now, it takes a product to "really" impress me in order for me to write about it, and everything I say in my reviews are my honest opinions, and from my own personal experience. 

After trying several mineral make-up brands, I kept stumbling over formula's that just not work for my skin, or did not give me the finish or coverage that I wanted, until I took a gamble with Laura Mercier's Mineral Powder.  After the very first application, I was impressed!  The finish was amazing and "flawless", just like Laura Mercier claims.  

I have been using this mineral powder for almost two years now and I still love it, and that is saying a lot about a product!  I can honestly say that the look and texture of my skin has actually improved since using this product and I have received numerous compliments, and you know that you are doing something good for your skin, when people give you a nice compliment, especially when it comes from my Husband!  Sorry honey, I had to give you props, lol.

Okay, enough about me, now onto the product itself.  Laura Mercier's Mineral Powder is finely-milled, and when you apply it, it is not like anything have ever used before; because it applies so effortlessly, it takes very little time to apply.  I use both the loose and the pressed form (thank you, Laura for the pressed compact).  You only need a very small amount on your brush when applying (its better to start with less, then build up to the coverage desired).  I love the compact, because I carry it in my purse for touch-ups.  

This mineral powder contains pearl powder; is oil-free, and contains a SPF of 15, which I love.  This mineral powder will make you soft and glowy! -- (not really a word, sorry).  It is difficult to describe the finish this powder "is" what Laura "says": Flawless!!  You will look as though you are walking around in candlelight!

A lot of Women have said that the "pressed" form is too concentrated, and I have found that you only need to dab a small amount onto your brush, then apply.  If you use the sponge, you probably won't get the look you are trying to achieve, and since this powder is so finely-milled, you don't need very much at all.

The Laura Mercier brand is simply amazing; I love all of her products.  This was the very first product that I purchased from the line and I don't know why I never tried this brand before.  It's so exciting to try a new cosmetic line and be pleasantly surprised too!  

Did I mention the value for your money?  The loose mineral powder is a generous 9.6 grams of product and the pressed powder is 8.1 grams!  This mineral powder will last a very long time--I still have a lot left!  So, the price of $35 USD is well worth it.  

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