Dior Rouge Dior Couture Colour Voluptuous Care Lipstick " 565 Vogue"

Dior Rouge Dior Couture Colour Voluptuous Care Lipstick "565 Vogue" -- Dior has reformulated the Rouge Dior lipsticks for their 60th Anniversary (Fall 2013) and have also added some new colors and redesigned the lipstick case and packaging as well.

I originally had my eye on two other completely different colors, but somehow this color "565 Vogue" kept speaking to me.  It is a bright 
fuchsia shade which turned out to be surprisingly not as intense as I thought it would be.  I don't have any fuchsia lipsticks in my collection, so I thought this would be a lovely choice.

The packaging and lipstick case has changed slightly.  The previous Rouge Dior had the iconic "quilt" print all over the case; now it is just the opposite with the "quilt" print only on the silver part and the rest of the case is smooth.  I like how they changed the "CD" initials on the top of the case also!

This new formula is ultra-silky and applies so smoothly.  It feels very lightweight on the lips however, the color is rich and intense!  Rouge Dior still has that lovely "rose" scent that I love.  I could not believe that when I looked in the mirror after about 5-hours of wear, it still looked gorgeous!  The color had barely worn off and my lips felt so soft and moisturized.

While I love this new formula, I think they could have shortened the name a bit, don't you think?  This new formula of Rouge Dior lipstick is amazing and worth adding to your lipstick collection.

Dior Rouge Dior Couture Color Voluptuous Care Lipstick "565 Vogue"


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