Lancome Visionnaire - Advanced Skin Corrector (serum)

I received a sample size of this serum a few months ago with a GWP at my Lancome counter, but never got around to trying it.  Well, I tried the sample and I noticed my skin started to look more clear and radiant after a couple of weeks.  I was getting down to the last drop and knew that I had to pick up a bottle ASAP!  It's a bit pricey, but for a serum, it's well-justified.

This serum helps to correct uneven skin tone, reduce pore size, wrinkles and helps give a clearer complexion over-all.  The formula is  very lightweight, and non-greasy and I love how it absorbs right into my skin.  You can apply this serum day or night, but I have been only applying at night, before bed.

If I use it twice a day, I will run out sooner; so, I'm trying to make it last.  It has a subtle scent also, which I don't mind.  It's not very often that I buy "high-end" skin care, but I feel this product is worth it, since I can see the results!


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