L'Oreal Sublime Mousse Haircolor #90 Pure Light Blonde

Every post that I have made thus far on my blog have been about products that I happen to like and enjoy using.  With that being said, this will be my first negative post on my blog.

I previously tried another brand of Mousse/Foam hair color, John Frieda (see earlier review), and I was pleased with the results, but not thrilled.  So, this time I thought I would try another newcomer in mousse hair color; L'Oreal Sublime Mousse.

PRO'S:  I really like the ease of these new mousse/foam hair colors.  They are easy to apply; you just shampoo it in and leave it in for the specified time, and rinse and condition, that's it!  I like how the L'Oreal Sublime Mousse left my hair shiny with lots of highlights and lowlights.  

Some people have complained that it has a strong ammonia odor, and I did not detect any strong odor at all.  Actually, it had a nice, light and pleasant scent. 

Also, some reviewers said that it "stained" their hairline and scalp.  I did not have any issues whatsoever with this formula staining my scalp.

The kit comes with everything you need and the instructions are very easy to follow.  I have long hair (past my shoulders), and there was more than enough mousse to saturate my entire head.  It's very foamy at first, but then the foam starts to liquify after a few minutes, but it was not "drippy" at all.

CON'S:  The color I chose was "LIGHT" Blonde, and the end result was not what I was aiming for.  Keep in mind that my hair color was already a light blonde, but what I ended up with was "darker" than what I started with.  I would say the "Pure Light Blonde" is more of a medium blonde.  I am disappointed that I spent $10 on a hair color that I am not satisfied with.  The color on the box shows a girl with very "light" pale blonde hair, and even the before and after photo samples on the back of the box did not match what my results were.  My roots are still dark, all over my head!  WTH? Also, it does not provide good "gray" coverage, like L'Oreal claims.

I'm not sure what is going on with L'Oreal, but they are supposedly #1 in hair color, and it seems they missed the mark on the Sublime Mousse hair color.  Perhaps the developer is not strong enough?  I don't know.  This product is made by an outside company, so that may be the issue?  I have read other negative reviews on this hair color, but I decided to give it a try, anyways.  Now, I will have to wait a couple of weeks to "re-color" my hair, and I hope that I will get satisfactory results, next time.  I highly doubt that the color will improve after a few washes.  

I usually purchase my hair color at Sally's Beauty Supply for around $5.00 USD, and I never had an issue with the results.  Prior to the mousse, I was using L'Oreal Professional.  I thought I would prefer using the mousse hair color, instead of coloring the traditional way, with the liquid formula.  I guess I will go back to the traditional method to color my hair.  It's really a shame, because I really could like this mousse hair color; it did not stain or irritate my scalp, like traditional hair colors do.

In conclusion; will I be purchasing ANY other brand of mousse hair color?  no, no NO!!!!!  Not unless L'Oreal perfects their formula.  Or, any other brand, for that matter.

Sorry, L'Oreal.......but, you let me and my hair down this time.

**** UPDATE **** 6/30/2011:

I did some research online and educated myself on a few things regarding "at-home" hair coloring.  

I found out that "boxed" hair color that is sold in drugstores/supermarkets will typically only "lift" the color 2-levels #20 developer... (did not know this);  I usually use a #30 developer, so that is why I did not get the blonde results that I was seeking.  

I also learned that you should use a "30" developer when coloring your hair "blonde" (blonde shades are classified as level 9 or 10); the higher the number, the more blonde/lighter the color results.  Any color that is a level 9 or 10; you should be using a developer #30.  

Now, I know not to purchase any "boxed" hair color that is sold in stores.  I will go back to using professional color (mixing color w/developer) to get the results I need.


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