Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipstick

One of my fave lippies, EVER is Guerlain's Kiss Kiss Lipsticks!  Two that I currently own are "Rose Strass" and "Forever Beige".  They are both beautiful colors.  Rose Strass is a gorgeous medium-tone mauve/rose with shimmer.  Forever Beige is a beautiful, warm-beige-nude color, with shimmery golden undertones.  

Guerlain's Kiss Kiss formulas are fabulous!  They apply like velvet, feel good on your lips; have good staying power and smell delicious!  I would describe the scent as cotton candy and Pez (for those of you who are old enough to remember Pez candy).  It's a beautiful aroma, like their meteorites powder.  If you are familiar with Guerlain, then you recognize their famous "violet" scent.  If you can recall, Guerlain once made the fragrance, which I still have in my possession.  That's another blog, lol.

The gold lipstick case is a work of art, and I feel so special every time I apply this lipstick.  Guerlain is a french luxury brand (a bit pricey, but worth it) and I think that every Woman out there who loves lipsticks, should own at least one or two!  Aside from their lipsticks, Guerlain knows how to make beautiful cosmetics, that women want to wear.  They know how to make a woman feel special.   

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipstick will always be one of my favorites.  


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