Boots No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick

I love this lipstick made by Boots No7.  It's a long-wearing lipstick that comes in a array of beautiful colors.  I always noticed this brand at my local Target store, but did not know very much about this brand from the U.K.  After reading reviews on-line, I just had to try it.

The shades I purchased are "Under the Sun" and "Chinchilla".  I love them both.  The shade, "Under the Sun" is a rich, bronze - almost terracotta, with golden undertones.  It's a beautiful shade to wear in the summer.  The shade, "Chinchilla" is a beautiful, warm-nude that is an easy-to-wear every day color!  

I was pleasantly surprised when I first applied this lip color.  It is super-pigmented and you only have to apply a "thin" layer to get good coverage.  This lipstick can be a tad drying, so you may want to apply a lip balm before application.  Even with applying a lip balm beforehand, the color still lasts for hours!  After 6 hours, my lips still looked great.  You will want to touch-up after you drink or have a meal, but the color will stay on. 

I would compare this formula to L'Oreal's "Endless" lipstick (may be discontinued), minus the fragrance.

I love how this lipstick applies; it's difficult to explain....when you put it on, it's so light and feels like velvet, and it stays in place (you could go without a lip liner).  I also love that this lipstick is "fragrance-free"; big plus!

In conclusion, I love Boots No7 Stay Perfect lipstick, and it does what it says it does...stays PERFECT!


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