Make Up For Ever Lab Shine/Star Collection Lip Gloss "S18"

Make Up Forever Lab Shine Lip Gloss "S18"-- I am a huge fan of MUFE's Rouge Artist Intense and I've had my eyes on these "Lab Shine's" for some time now, and decided on the shade "S18", which is "Pearly Rosewood".  These glossies come in three different formulations: Diamond, Star and Metal.  The "Pearly Rosewood S18" happens to be from the Star Collection.  The Diamond formula is sheer with glitter, the Star formula has a bit more pigment with shimmer and finally the Metal formula has more pigment and has more of a chrome effect, according to MUFE.  If you are looking for a lip gloss with a lot of "shine", then this gloss is for you!

Make Up Forever Lab Shine Lip Gloss "S18"--This is a beautiful medium-rose shade which I thought would be perfect for my complexion however, I think the "Star" formula is a bit too sheer for me and I will probably go for another shade in the Metal formula, which seems to have a richer consistency and not so sheer as the star formula. 

Close-Up:  Make Up Forever Lab Shine Lip Gloss "S18"--The brush applicator is very nice and makes the gloss apply smoothly.  I also wanted to add that this gloss does have a scent/flavor to it.  The taste and scent reminds me a lot of the Rouge Artist lipsticks and I noticed that the scent/taste does stay around for a while, so if any of you ladies are put off by that, you may want to avoid the MUFE Lab Shines :(

Swatch:  Make Up Forever Lab Shine Lip Gloss "S18"--You can see what I am saying about the "sheerness" of the "Star" formula--it is very shiny and pretty however, I was looking for a bit more pigment.


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