Garnier BB Cream for Combination to Oily Skin "Light/Medium" SPF 20

BB and CC creams are all the rage right now, so I had to just try one to see for myself.  I chose the Garnier BB Cream because I had read so many positive reviews about it and also it is one of the less-expensive brands to try.

My first impressions were that it was very silky and applied very easily.  The coverage is very good.  There is a slight yet pleasant fragrance.

The shade I chose was "light/medium", and I should have probably chosen the medium to dark shade, but I already threw the box away, so I can't take it back to exchange it, oh well (sigh).  The light/medium seems too light for me at the moment because my skin is tan, but I was able to mask it when I applied my usual Laura Mercier Mineral Powder over it, so it wasn't too bad...I think I will be able to live with it.

This product claims to control shine, minimize pores, even skintone and hydrate.  Personally, I feel BB & CC creams are great and all however, I receive those same benefits from my cleanser, moisturizer and my mineral powder evens out my skintone.  Do I really need to have this product?  Not really.  

This oil-free formula held-up very well.  I actually applied this one day before sitting by the pool on a warm 85+ degree day and it held-up quite well and I was impressed with the Combination to Oily Skin formula.  One thing I did not like was that in photo's, my face looked like I had a white mask on (not pretty), and I guess that is due to the SPF 20.

All-in-all, would I recommend this Garnier BB Cream?  Yes.  It works very well and is economical.  Just make sure you choose the correct formula and color for your skin tone.

Do you see that typo?  Not sure how they missed this one but under "Uses", they have "Directions", which should not be there as the directions are described below.  I guess it was an oversight and they decided to run production anyhow.  No biggie, really.  I'm sure other people noticed it as well.


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