Tom Ford Lip Color "Indian Rose" 04

Tom Ford Lip Color "Indian Rose" 04 --  I read so much about the Tom Ford Lipsticks; women go crazy for his products!  So, I just had to see what all the rave was about.

Never in my life have I ever shelled-out more than $35 for a luxury lipstick, until now.....yikes!!

First impression was the luxurious packaging; The box has a beautiful glossy finish and upon opening, the lipstick case is very weighty!  The weight of this lipstick tells you it's "luxury" and it's "expensive" LOL

The lipstick case is quite large and really makes a statement when you pull it out of your handbag.  The lipstick case has a beautiful bronzy finish over gold and has the "TF" stamp on the top of the lipstick case.

As for the formula and the color I chose "Indian Rose"; It feels very lightweight when applied to lips and also very creamy and pigmented.  The color is a soft rosy-mauve that is a great every day color.  There seems to be some shimmer in the tube however, not noticeable on the lips.  This formula has a good shine to it and lasts quite a long time -- a good 4-5 hours on me.

It has a slight "vanilla" scent.

In all honesty, I can't say I would purchase another Tom Ford Lipstick mainly due to the high price and also, there are a plethora of other lipsticks that I love and would prefer over Tom Ford.  This is a beautiful lipstick and Tom Ford offers some amazing colors.  Tom Ford is owned by Estee Lauder, and I happen to love the Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick more than this one.

My lipstick came with a little "scar" on, but that's okay.

Tom Ford -- beautiful lipstick!

Tom Ford "Indian Rose" with no flash

Tom Ford "Indian Rose" with flash


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