Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Shadow Creme & Pure Color E/S Duo

This was the very first eye shadow creme I have ever tried.  I have heard about them for a while now and after reading such great reviews about the EL DW Stay-In-Place Shadow Creme, I just had to try them!  

The first shade I purchased was the "Mochachino", which is a lovely neutral taupe color.  I also purchased the "Pink Pearl" at a later date, which is a beautiful light, soft pink, and I wear these two shades together and they are very complimentary!  I wear the "Pink Pearl" on the lid, and apply the "Mochachino" above my crease, as a contour.  

The best way I have found to apply these creme shadows is with your ring finger.  You have to work quickly, as the creme dries after a few seconds.  I tried using an eye shadow brush, but did not achieve great results; it would look splotchy and it would cake-up on my brush.  

This formula is fantastic!  I love how easy it applies and you can get a finished eye look in seconds!  These are my "go-to" eye shadows for every day and especially when I am short on time.  

The packaging is so lovely with the gold "EL" monogram lid and you get a lot of product for the money.  These shadows will last me a long time!

Pure Color Eyeshadow Duo, "Vanilla Pods":

These eyeshadows apply so beautifully and are long-wearing.  I love the shade "Vanilla Pods" (pictured below, on right); which is a soft taupe color and a perfect shade for every day wear. 

I love both of these formula's and I plan on trying more shades in the future. 

Me, wearing EL Creme Shadow "Pink Pearl" on lids; "Mochachino" on crease; Pure Color e/s duo in "Vanilla Pods" (deeper shade over the Mochachino).

EL "Pink Pearl" on lids; "Mochachino" on crease and Pure Color e/s in "Vanilla Pods" (deeper shade) over the Mochachino! 

LEFT:  EL DW Stay-In-Place Shadow Creme "Mochachino"

DW SIP Eyeshadow Creme "Pink Pearl"

RIGHT:  EL Pure Color Eyeshadow Duo, "Vanilla Pods"


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