Senna Cosmetics Lip Lacquer, "Gorgeous" & "Meltdown"

I am a huge fan of Senna Cosmetics and her lip lacquers!  The founder, Eugenia Weston is an award-winning make-up artist, and her lip glosses are very popular with many famous celebrities in Hollywood. 

These lip lacquers are very moisturizing and long-wearing, which is very hard to find in a lip gloss.  They stay on your lips without feeling sticky or tacky, and it won't "slide" off your lips!  I absolutely love her glosses; my lips feel moisturized all day long! 

The color "Gorgeous" is just that; a very beautiful, "gorgeous" soft warm rose with a slight shimmer (not glittery).  When the light hits your lips, they glow!  

The color "Meltdown" is a peachy-pink with a pearl glow (not shimmer)'s SO beautiful; I just Iove to wear shades like this, especially in the summer time!

These glosses are also vitamin-enriched and have a very delicious scent that reminds me
of vanilla and cotton candy!

Senna Cosmetics Lip Lacquer "Gorgeous" (top) and "Meltdown" (bottom)

"Gorgeous" & "Meltdown" (bottom) - no flash




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