China Glaze Nail Polish, "Delight"

I picked-up my first China Glaze nail polish at my local Sally Beauty Supply and boy, was I ever surprised!  I got the shade, "Black Diamond", and it is beautiful.  So, I recently purchased another beautiful shade, "Delight" at my local ULTA store.  

First of all, I am very impressed with this nail polish.  My hands are in water maybe fifty times a day and this nail polish lasted for almost one week before it started to chip!  Now, that is very impressive.  This nail polish is very good quality and it applies so easily--not too thick or too thin.  You get a nice and even coverage.

Let me get to the shade, "Delight", which is a beautiful bronze-y, plumm-y, copper-y shade; it's almost too hard to describe, and it's SO gorgeous!  It's a very unique color.  

So with that said, I will be purchasing more China Glaze nail polish in the future.

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