Zoya Nail Polish "Jem"

Zoya has some amazing nail lacquer colors.  This was the very first time I tried this brand and I was very impressed with their customer service, speedy shipping.  Also, they send you swatches with your order.  You can select any swatches you want when you place your order.  That is really nice to see what the color actually looks like, before you make a purchase.  

The color, "Jem" was from Zoya's Fall 2011 "Smoke & Mirrors" collection.  It's a beautiful, deep burgundy-plummy shade with shimmer.  It is really gorgeous.  

On the downside, I was disappointed with the wear, because the company claims "one week of chip-free wear", and mine started to chip after only a couple of days.  I even used the Zoya base and top coat, so I was not sure why it chipped so quickly.  Also, the formula seems very thick and it was difficult for me to get a nice coat, without having to remove excess polish from the brush each time I had to apply to each nail.  If that makes any sense, LOL.

I also have the shades "Yara" (a pretty military green), and "Shay" (lovely neutral beige), and I got the same results.  Maybe I will give Zoya another try.  I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong?  Maybe I will apply a very thin coat next time.  I will post updates.

A lot of women rave about this brand; however, I did not have the same positive results.

Zoya "Jem"

 Zoya "Jem" (with flash)

Zoya -- free swatches you get with your order!


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