Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder, "Rich Vanilla"

I wrote an earlier blog about Laura Mercier's Mineral Powder (both loose & pressed) in the shade "Classic Beige".  This review will be on the shade, "Rich Vanilla".

This is the best mineral powder foundation I have ever tried.  This formula just seems to work so wonderfully with my skin.  I love using the pressed formula over the loose, because it's just so quick and easy to apply and I get the right amount of coverage.

A lot of woman have said that they don't like how the pressed formula applies and it can look "cakey".  Laura Mercier recommends using the pressed as a "touch-up" throughout the day, because you can apply too much of it.

I think the key to getting the perfect coverage is to use the right type of powder brush.  You don't want a brush that is "too dense", otherwise you will pick-up way too much powder.  The key is to use a softer brush (not so dense), and using very small amounts of powder.  I just "dab" the brush into the powder, once or twice, then begin applying in short strokes; then buffing all over. 

I love the shade, "Rich Vanilla", because it has a yellow base (no pink), and it a tad lighter than "Classic Beige", which is perfect for me during the summer when I have more color. 

LEFT: Classic Beige, RIGHT: Rich Vanilla

Me, wearing "Rich Vanilla"


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