NARS, Cover Girl & Senna Cosmetics; Eye Basics Combo

I used NARS concealer many years ago, and every once in a while I try something new; however, I always end up going back to NARS because this concealer has just the right consistency; it's not drying, it's semi-opaque and long-lasting.

I wear the shade "Custard", which is recommended for medium skin tones.  I love this shade because it has yellow under-tones.  I love the new packaging as well.  NARS used to make it in their lipstick tube packaging.  So, now it's easier to tell apart my lipstick from my concealer.

I am currently using Cover Girl's Lash Exact in "Black", and I love the brush; it gets every lash and the formula is not too dry or too wet; no clumps, either!  This is CG's lengthening and defining formula.  It really does "define" and "lengthen" your lashes.  I have very sparse lashes and this brush is excellent; one coat is perfect, but for more "amp", two coats looks fab.  I was using the CG Lash Blast lengthening formula, but I have to say that I like this formula better.

I am always on the quest for a good eye brow pencil.  I got a little too crazy tweezing my eye brows when I was younger, and now I regret it.  So, I need to fill in what's gone now :(  The Senna "Sketch-A-Brow" has solved my dilemma!  I love this EB pencil!  I chose the color, "Mink"--I went with the darkest shade because taupe/blonde & brown just does not look right on me (too light).  This pencil is so easy to use, and once it's on, it stays put.  Fantastic!

Eye Basics Combo:  NARS, CG & Senna

NARS Concealer, "Custard"
CG Lash Exact Mascara, "Black"

Senna Cosmetics Sketch-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil, "Mink"

NARS Concealer, "Custard"


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