Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick, "Ruban Rose"

I am a long-time fan of Chanel's lippy's, and the Rouge Coco is no exception!  In terms of "luxury" lipsticks, I would have to say that Chanel is at the top of that list!  This lipstick is luxury all the way, with the smooth application, the coverage, the long-wear, and that beautiful Chanel scent; not to mention the elegant packaging--what more could a girl want in a lipstick?  

I have owned several Chanel lippy's over the years and I am in love with the Rouge Coco's!

My most recent shade is "Ruban Rose" which is a very neutral rosy-pearl shade that is very wearable.  I know I will be getting more shades in the very near future ;)

chanel rouge coco lipstick ruban rose

Me, wearing Chanel Rouge Coco, "Ruban Rose"

Chanel's Rouge Coco, "Ruban Rose", pictured with Chanel Lip Definer, "Rose Cuivre" (separate blog entry)


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