China Glaze Nail Lacquer, "Ingrid"

I have only recently discovered China Glaze nail lacquer and it is a wonderful brand; I love it!  The latest color I tried was "Ingrid".  It is a beautiful deep taupe color that has shimmer.  This is my fave China Glaze color thus far!  

In certain lighting, it will pick up the shimmer and it is SO beautiful.  It looks so different depending on the lighting in the room or outdoors.  

I snapped some pics of it but it is so hard to really capture how beautiful this color is!  It applies so beautifully and I've had it on for 3-days now and only started to chip because I was washing my hands a lot today and doing some spring cleaning around my house:)

in natural light
I tried to capture this beautiful color in the sunlight -- it is gorgeous!
With flash

With Flash - beautiful gold shimmer!


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