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Sunday, February 19, 2012

MAC Lipstick "Sandy B"

This is MAC Lipstick in "Sandy B".  It is a very pretty shell pink with peachy-golden shimmer.  This would be a great lip color to wear in the summer time.  It would look gorgeous paired with a coat of shimmery gloss!  

I asked the MAC girl at the counter what lip liner she would suggest and she suggested that I use a "Plum" lip liner?  I did not question her however; I don't think Plum would work well.  I was thinking more of a soft pink or neutral shade.

If anyone has any suggestions on a lip liner that would go well with this shade, please let me know.  I suppose you could wear this on it's own; however, I always have to use a lip liner; otherwise I feel like it's missing something and my lips don't look finished, LOL.

MAC Lipstick "Sandy B" (frost)

with flash


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