Almay Intense i-Color Shadow Stick, "Hazel Eyes"

I love the idea of a shadow stick because it's so convenient to use and travel-friendly.  I have tried the Intense i-Colors Eyeshadow in the pressed powder form, so when I saw this new eyeshadow stick, I wanted to give it a try.  I picked-up the "Hazel Eyes" at my local CVS. 

These shadows are designed to compliment various eye colors (green, blue, brown & hazel).  Almay makes an entire eye collection which includes eye liner, mascara, & shadows.  

I loved the colors in this particular shade for "Hazel eyes; the lighter color is a pearly-pink and the darker shade is a pearly deep taupe-bronze color.  I was impressed with the amount of product in this tube.

The packaging design is very nice and well thought-out.  The products performance however is "so-so".  It applies very sheer, and has a waxy/powdery consistency to it--it almost feels like an eyeshadow primer  You have to apply some pressure in order to get a more dramatic look.  With that, you can't apply very much pressure to your eye area of course, so this product does not score very high with me.  Perhaps applying the product to your finger first, then applying the color will give you more pigmentation.

The color may look "intense" in the tube, but don't let that fool you because it goes on very "sheer". 
It was easy to use.  I used the lighter color on my eye lids and the darker shade for contouring and then blended with my ring finger.  You have to work with this product rather quickly as it becomes difficult to blend once it has set.

When I did a swatch on my hand, I had to apply 4 to 5 swipes for the color to show any noticeable pigment; however, you don't get the same effect when applying to your eyelids.  

The longevity was pretty good.  After several hours, I did not notice any creasing.

It has a nice subtle fragrance.  This product is imported for Almay and made in Argentina.  I have to say, I am a bit disappointed, especially for a drug store product retailing for almost $9 USD; I expected more at that price-point.

I prefer the powder shadow version over the shadow stick.  Next time I use this, I will use it as a base, then apply another eye shadow over it.

Almay Intense i-color shadow stick, "Hazel Eyes"


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