Chanel Glossimer "Brilliance", "Twinkle", "Sweet Beige" & "Glow"

I am a "Glossimer Girl".  I've been a long-time fan of Chanel cosmetics, especially the Glossimer lippy's!  

These glosses are "gel-based", which means they apply smoother and are not sticky-feeling.  I also love that Chanel's Glossimers are "fragrance free".  They come in a huge array of shades; you can't just have one!  

Color Description:

*Brilliance: Pale pink with silver pearl
Twinkle: Pink with gold pearl
Sweet Beige: Peachy-Pink-Beige (subtle pearl)
*Glow: Soft warm bronze pearl 

Brilliance is a smokin' color....I absolutely LOVE it.  This looks amazing with a pink lip liner; love to wear this during the summer months -- looks awesome with a tan!  So chic!

Twinkle, I would have to say is my second-best shade; It's a gorgeous (I know I use that word a lot, but it is true) with gold beautiful.  Looks amazing when the light reflects all the pearlescent shades!  Really makes your lips stand out!

Every girl should have at least one or several, in my opinion!  I have owned many Glossimers over the years; here is my current collection:

L to R:  Chanel Glossimer "Brilliance", "Twinkle", "Sweet Beige" & "Glow"

*Please Note:  "Brilliance" and "Glow" are from older stock (clear labels); so the numbers may have changed.  It's best to refer to the "name" and not the number when referring to a particular shade.

L to R: "Brilliance", "Twinkle", "Sweet Beige", & "Glow"


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