MAC Lipglass, "Nymphette" and "Prrr"

I am a huge fan of MAC's Lipglass!  My two faves are "Nymphette", which is a beautiful golden-pink color and "Prrr" is a pretty peachy-pink color.  These glosses look amazing with a coordinating lip liner.  

These are my "go-to" lip glosses when I just don't know what to wear because they always look great, no matter what you are wearing!  MAC Lipglass feels so smooth and creamy when you apply and they are pretty long-lasting for a lip gloss.  

The tube seems kinda small, but don't let that deceive you because they last a long time.  The sponge applicator and shorter wand make it so easy to apply.  Gotta love that caramel-vanilla scent! 

MAC Lipglass "Nymphette" and "Prrr"

Me, wearing MAC Lipglass "Nymphette" of my faves!!

Top to bottom: "Nymphette" & "Prrr"

L to R: "Nymphette" & "Prrr"


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