How fresh is your make-up?

Do you ever wonder how fresh is the make-up you just purchased at your local cosmetic counter?  You might be surprised to find out how old that new tube of lipstick actually is that you just purchased from your upscale department store.

I recently purchased a new tube of Lancome lipstick, only to find out when I got home and looked up the batch code on-line, that the lipstick was more than 2-years old.  I was shocked and of course, upset that I had to return it.  

This has happened to me several times (I won't mention which department store); but now, I am more cautious when I buy a new tube of lipstick or a new foundation.  I tend to use this rule of thumb:  If you shop there often and know they are always turning around their products (new stock), then you are probably safe.  But, on the other hand, if you find they don't sell a lot of a particular brand and unless it's not a new product or season, then I would be cautious and buy elsewhere or buy online.  I find that my local MAC counter does not have this problem, because they seem to turn over their products very fast and replenish old stock.

One thing that I really have a gripe with is that these department store make-up counters should do more thorough inventories and if it is "old stock", then they should either send it back to the manufacturer, or sell it at a discount.  To me, there is nothing more frustrating and upsetting than to discover that I just bought a new Lancome lipstick that is "old stock", yet I paid a premium-luxury price for it!  That, to me, is just wrong!  

This is why I want to encourage you to check your cosmetic's when you buy them.  Now, I know this not exactly easy to do when you are out shopping and purchasing new make-up, so you could just bring the product home and check it on-line, or use your smart phone.......

There are some very reliable and up-to-date website where you can look up to see see when your make-up was manufactured and what the expiration date is.  I will share a couple of good one's with you.

All you have to do is select which brand (drugstore or department store), and look for the batch code on the product (see example below; whether it is a foundation, lipstick, powder, facial cream, etc.  Most brands I use (Lancome, Dior, MUFE, L'Oreal) have the numbers clearly labeled on the packaging or the bottle/tube itself (see examples below):

The picture below is a tube of Lancome L'Absolu Rouge Lipstick.  The number "250" is the shade/color (Beige Mirage); The number/code below that is the batch code (when the product was made).

The next picture is MUFE (Make Up Forever) Rouge Artist Lipstick box.  The batch code is the numbers/alpha at the bottom.  They also stamp the code on the bottom of the lipstick case itself (see next picture below).

Picture of a batch code stamped on a MUFE Lipstick.  It's very hard to read and you almost need a magnifying glass to read it, unless you have 20/20 vision!  LOL

I hope this information was helpful to you!

You can do a search on-line for "cosmetic batch codes" or "cosmetic expiration dates", but here are a couple that I always use and they are reliable.  




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