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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lumene Sensitive Touch Daily Moisture Cream SPF15

Lumene Sensitive Touch Daily Moisture Cream SPF15 -- Lumene is a skincare brand from Finland.  I've always looked at them at CVS and wanted to try their products, but just never did.  I saw this face cream, which was discounted at Marshalls.  It's for sensitive skin, so I picked it up.

First of all, I love the packaging; it's very high-end and very well thought-out.

I have very sensitive skin and I am getting up there in my 40s, (another birthday coming soon) and my skin is starting to change.  I have oily/combination skin, with some dryness on my forehead and cheeks.  This cream is supposed to help reduce redness/tightness and calm the skin.

For a daily moisture cream, it feels quite rich.  I have read that from other bloggers as well.  I wish it was more lightweight.  I might prefer to use this during the winter months.  One blogger noted that it does not feel like it absorbs into the skin very well and feels heavy.  I concur.  I have not used this long enough to really tell if it is helping to calm my skin.  Maybe in the cooler months, I will go back to using this again.

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