Pur Minerals CC Cream "Medium" SPF 40 & Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Blending Brush No. 130

Pur Minerals CC Cream "Medium" SPF 40 --  Color Complexion Correction

There are dozens of "CC" Creams on the market and I have been reluctant to take the plunge and purchase one because I haven't found the right one, until I saw that Pur Minerals came out with a "CC" Cream with Broad Spectrum SPF 40.

I was a little reluctant at first to get this, because of the $38 price tag; however, you do get 1.5 ounces of product, versus many of the other CC Creams on the market, which only give you about 1 ounce and cost more.  I do wish they had a larger size though because the tube feels so light and I don't want to run out of this, and there is no way of telling how much is left in the tube.  I will need to purchase another one soon, so I have on back-up, LOL.

I chose the shade "Medium", which I can use year-round.  I was going to buy the "Tan", but ULTA was actually out of the tan, so I took a chance on the "Medium", which is perfect for me!  The medium shade has a good tone and it's not pink or peachy -- it's a neutral beige.

The packaging is a tube with a pump dispenser.  I would prefer a tube so that you can "squeeze" the product out, which makes getting every drop of product much easier.  Other bloggers have complained about this also.

As far as the application and coverage, I had to experiment a few times until I got the application down right and got the coverage I needed.  I have sensitive skin, with a lot of redness on my cheeks and my skin is oily/combo.  When I first started using this, I applied one pump to the top of my hand and used my Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Buffing Brush No. 130 (see below) to pick up the cream and then apply and blend in downward strokes.  I found this CC cream very easy to blend and it did cover my redness and discolorations very well; however, I realized that I was using too much product.  I was using about 3 pumps for my entire face, and I found that using 1 pump, then dotting it all over my face, THEN blending with my Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Buffing Brush worked much better.  You don't need to apply very much of this CC Cream to get good coverage and finish.

The formula says it is "matte"; however, I use my Pur Minerals Balancing Act powder after applying the CC Cream to keep down the shine.  We are in the middle of summer, and this heat and humidity does a number on my oily/combo skin!

Another thing I love is that this CC Cream has SPF 40.  I was a bit scared at first to use this because it has a high SPF.  I was afraid it would give me that ghostly look, but this CC Cream is photo-friendly; I think this is due to the natural SPF.  I also love that there is no heavy perfume; it smells fresh and clean.

I really love this CC Cream and the finish it gives my skin.  I will definitely be purchasing it again!  It's a great product, especially for women over 40 (that's me!), because it not only color-corrects, it's healthy for your skin.

Pur Minerals CC Cream "Medium" SPF 40 -- Product Description on box.

Also contains the following:

Clariskin II -- Visibly brightens and reduces the appearance of dark spots.  

Dermapur HP -- Helps clarify the look of oily, irritable skin.

Ceretin Complex -- Creates a smoother, firmer finish.
Pur Minerals CC Cream "Medium" SPF 40

Pur Minerals CC Cream "Medium" SPF 40 -- Blended.  You can see how beautifully it blends into the skin.
Pur Minerals CC Cream "Medium" SPF 40 -- Pictured here with my Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Buffing Brush No. 130 -- this brush is fabulous for applying CC Creams or any liquid foundation!
Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Buffing Brush No. 130  

Me, wearing Pur Minerals CC Cream "Medium"


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