MAC Mineralize Blush "Warm Soul"

MAC Mineralize Blush "Warm Soul" -- I have wanted this blush for a long, long time, but I had such a long list of other items I wanted to get, so this kept getting put on the back-burner.  Well, I finally picked it up at Nordy's last week -- yay!!  At first glance, you will notice that MAC has revamped it's packaging, and it is quite nice, I must say.  The quality is better than the previous packaging and the compact itself has a magnetic closure.

Warm Soul is a gorgeous peachy-bronze with subtle golden shimmer.  I'm not certain if MAC has reformulated their Mineralize Blushes; however, this shade seems different from all the times I swatched it at the MAC counter.  I remember Warm Soul being more shimmery and this one seems to have less shimmer -- and I happen to like it, a whole lot!!

I must mention the price, because it's been a while since I've purchased a MAC Mineralize Blush, and the price has risen, considerably (ouch).  I remember paying around $22 USD, and when I went to the check-out, the price was $27 USD!!  I wanted it for a long time, so I just grinned and bared it, so-to-speak, LOL.  I don't mind paying more for a product, provided the quality is there.  MAC Cosmetics are starting to get as pricey as say, high-end lines such as Chanel.

Now, I haven't compared the quantity of the product and I hope it's not less product for more money -- then, I would be upset that I was being ripped-off, LOL.

MAC Mineralize Blushes are beautiful I and highly recommend them.

MAC Mineralize Blush "Warm Soul" 

MAC Mineralize Blush "Warm Soul" -- Pictured here with bronzer.  It's really hard to see the true color, maybe because I am wearing bronzer, but it's there, on my cheekbone!
MAC Mineralize Blush "Warm Soul" (no flash)


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