Trish McEvoy - The Power of Makeup Planner: "Timeless Beauty"

This is my very FIRST Trish McEvoy purchase!  I always wanted to try her products, but never did, mainly because to buy each piece on it's own is very expensive.  However; I saw Trish McEvoy demonstrating her products one day on HSN and saw this beautiful planner collection and could not wait to order it!  Plus, with the easy-pay option, it made it very affordable.

The packaging is so elegant.  Even the box the makeup case came in is too pretty to throw away!  The "Timeless Beauty" (limited addition) case has a leopard print (I love leopards).

Trish has built her business on making "make-up" easy; for every woman; you have all your makeup essentials in one beautiful case.  Every collection Trish comes out with has it's own, unique theme and she will add something different like a lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, blush or her 24-hour eyeshadow stick; so, it's always something different.

Another thing I love about her collections is that they are portable and great for traveling and women on the go and women who don't have a lot of time on their hands to spend making up their faces!

Here's what comes in the "Timeless Beauty" collection -- Six beautiful eye shadows; another palette with finishing powder, highlighter and bronzer; Instant Eye Lift (her triangle of light trademark); eyeshadow base; a natural lipgloss; gel eyeliner; eye pencil sharpener; mascara; Lip Color Pencil (sorry, I had it in my handbag when I took the pictures and totally forgot about it), and four amazing makeup brushes!  Trish also includes a wonderful "how-to" instruction manual on how to use all of her products.  No worries, no fuss!  And, you're good to go!

I have tried all of the products, except the lip gloss.  The eyeshadows seem very nice and good quality.  I also like the finishing powder, blush and bronzer, which is very natural looking.  The brushes are fabulous (she is known for her good brushes).  I did like her Lip Color Pencil (sorry, it's not in the picture -- I will have to post later).

One of the things I did not particularly care for was the gel eyeliner pencil.  It seemed very runny (even with eyeshadow primer), and got worse as the day progressed and I had to keep touching-up my eyes.  Sorry, Trish:  I did not care for the formula.  Also, it made my eyes water all day (and I wear contacts).  I did not even use it in my waterline, and it still made my eyes watery and blurry.

The "Triangle of Light" (Instant Eye Lift) is very nice.  It helps "lift" and "illuminate" the eye area.  One thing I found after experimenting with this was that using her method "Triangle of Light" made my face look ghostly and un-natural.  I tried using less product, and that seemed to look better.

The eye base/primer wasn't too bad, but I noticed some "creasing" as the day wore on.  I found that you don't need to put very much on.

Sad to say, the other item I did not care too much for was the mascara.  It is a volumizing mascara, that supposedly women rave about, but it did not work for me.  I found that it smeared a lot and I am also not a fan of the "tubular" formula (wraps around each lash), as I found it very difficult to remove, even with a gentle eye makeup remover.

There are a couple of items that I won't be using regularly, but I do love this kit.  It's a wonderful makeup case you can easily store in your vanity and it's nice because you have everything ready to go -- all-in-one.

Finishing powder; blush & highlight-bronzing powder palette

Eyeshadow palette

Here's everything, all in one beautiful, portable case


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