Orly "Bonder" Rubberized Basecoat

I read about this new product, "Bonder" from Orly in the May 2012 edition of In Style magazine and was quite intrigued by it.  This is a "rubberized" base coat which "adheres" to your nail polish and makes your nail polish last for up to TWO WEEKS!  I was able to find this product at my local CVS store.

I really like this product.  I have to say that I don't keep my nail polish on for two weeks, usually; however, after a week and a half, my polish was still on and showed no signs of chipping!  I usually apply another top coat to keep my nails looking shiny after a few days, especially when I'm short on time to run to the nail salon or do an "at-home" manicure.

I highly recommend "Bonder" from Orly.  It retails for about $7.00 USD.  Money well-spent.

At one week, three days:  Orly "Bonder" (under two coats of polish, and a fresh top coat)

Yes.....TWO weeks!


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