Zoya Nail Lacquer "Shay"

Zoya Nail Lacquer "Shay"--This is a beautiful pale beige color which has a bit of frost in it.  It is such a gorgeous neutral color to wear.  Zoya is a professional nail lacquer manufacturer.  I ordered this shade online and they have a wonderful website and tons, I mean TONS of colors to choose from!  They ship very fast and also send you complimentary swatches of some of their colors (you can select specifically which shade you want also, and they will send it to you...FREE).

Zoya Nail Lacquer "Shay" (close-up w/flash).  Such a pretty color!

Zoya Nail Lacquer "Shay" (no flash/overhead lighting)

Zoya Nail Lacquer "Shay" -- LEFT:  My Nail with "Shay", and RIGHT:  Zoya swatch of same color.  You can see that both the color in the bottle and the swatch is the exact color you get on your nails!  Great marketing, Zoya!


  1. This doesn't look too frosty which is good for me because I am probably going to add it to my list. It's really pretty on you.

  2. Thanks for the reply! I think you will like "Shay"--it's really a lovely color. It reminds me a lot of a pearl. Thanks again :)


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