Makeup Brushes: E.L.F. & Crown Brush

These are a few of the makeup brushes that I regularly use.  I ordered these online from e.l.f. cosmetics.  Their makeup brushes are very good quality at an affordable price.  I am quite pleased with all of them.  

Also, I have some other brushes which I purchased from Crown Brush.  I have been using all of these brushes on a regular basis for about two years now, and they are still in excellent condition.  I just cleanse them regularly of course with MAC brush cleanser.

The only brush I would say that I'm not too impressed with would be the e.l.f. flat-top powder's just "ok" for me.  No big deal really, since it did not cost much.  The brush is not very dense; however, if you are just using it for, say a finishing powder, then that will suffice.

I am loving all of the other brushes; brow groomer, angled eyeshadow; blending; precision & the kabuki brush is EXCELLENT; this brush is SO soft and just dense enough for applying bronzer or mineral powders.  And, whats even better is that it only costs $5.00....Yes!  I highly recommend the kabuki!  

The other brushes that I own and I also highly recommend are the Crown Brushes.  They make some really top-notch quality brushes.  I ordered these online.  They are very professional company to do business with and they will send you an order confirmation...and fast delivery too!

All of these brushes are excellent; the angle, smudging, blending, powder and the angled kabuki:

The only "con" I would have in this collection is that the powder brush is very soft (like the e.l.f.), and not as dense as I would like it to be.  I got the angled kabuki to apply my mineral powder; this one reminded me a lot of Laura Mercier's angled kabuki brush, but I think hers is much, much softer.  The Crown Brush angled kabuki is quite nice though; don't get me wrong, it is very well-made.  All of these brushes were very affordable.  Most Crown brushes are only a couple of dollars, and the larger face brushes run in the $10+ range.


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