John Frieda - Luxurious Volume Bountiful Body Mousse & Blowdry Lotion/Root Booster Weightless Spray

I have been using John Frieda's hair products for a couple of years now and I absolutely love them.  They are really high-quality and that is difficult to find in a drugstore brand.  I don't like to spend a lot of money on hair products and  I am so glad that John Frieda sells his wonderful products in drugstores and at a very affordable price!

Let me start off with the Luxurious Volume Bountiful Body Mousse (that is a mouth-full).  I love this mousse.  I have long, fine, straight hair and this mousse gives my hair volume and shine.  It's not sticky and has a wonderful scent.  I just apply about a tennis ball size amount into my palm, then distribute the mousse, starting at my roots.  Then, using my fingers to work it through to my ends, then comb through and blow dry. 

I recently purchased the Blowdry Lotion/Root Booster and it is fantastic!  This weightless spray is "alcohol-free" and has a delightful scent too!  I just spray it at my roots, then blow dry.  Or sometimes, I just spritz it all over very quickly, comb it through and then blow dry.  It gives my hair really nice volume and the following morning when I wake up, my hair actually has waves in it -- and my hair is naturally straight!  I really love this product.  

I have no irritation with any of John Frieda's products and they feel so weightless on your hair, and won't leave your hair feeling dry or that "residue" or "build-up" feeling or greasiness that I find with so many hair styling products.  

I highly-recommend the John Frieda hair care line; it's fab!

John Frieda "Luxurious Volume" Mousse & Root Booster Spray


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