Chanel Glossimer "Brilliance" & "Twinkle"

These are two of my favorite Chanel Glossimers!  "Brilliance" is a gorgeous white-pink with silver frost (very pale lilac).  It is such an amazing color!  I love wearing this shade in the summertime.  Looooove!

The other Glossimer I love is "Twinkle", which is a pink with gold and opal shimmer to it.  This is SO pretty!  I kid you not.  This shade will really make your lips "pop".  Looks great on its own, or lip liner or over a gorgeous rosy-pink lipstick.  This is my "all-time" fave Glossimer!  It looks amazing on a tan complexion.  Twinkle just screams SEXY!

L to R:  Chanel Glossimer "Brilliance" & Twinkle

Top to Bottom:  Chanel Glossimer "Brilliance" & "Twinkle"

Chanel Glossimer "Brilliance"

Chanel Glossimer "Twinkle"


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